Hello,Welcome toChina Autonomous Driving HD Map Technology Innovation Conference 2019!


Major Topics:

 Updated China government regulation and laws of HD Map including foreign companies involved in
     mapping, related data, entry and exit, etc

 Discuss the Commercial development of China HD Map including challenges and Business Models Updated
     development of regulations and standard

  Address the technical route, Pure vision scheme vs. laser radar ; Is Crowdsourcing the future trend? 

     How to leverage AI and Machine Learning

  Explore developing prospects of fully automated mapping and Dynamic map mapping

  Get to Grips with quantitative evaluation of the requirements and impacts of high-precision maps on
      functions, and specific requirements for policy support in current tests, and In the future, companies 

      will pre- judicate policy needs such as crowdsourcing scenarios

  Discuss where HD maps fit into the autonomous driving ecosystem, HD maps adoption, and 

     threats to automotive navigation players by geospatial companies

  Effective strategies for simultaneous localization and map change update for the HD Map-     
     Based Autonomous Driving Car

For detailed speakers and topics of HDMap2019 please click here to Download the Agenda

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