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HDMAP 2021

Event Agenda ..

Major Topics:

 Discuss what product form the high-precision map will develop in the future?

 Discuss how the domestic high-precision map business model will take shape under the great opportunity of centralized mass production of L3 and above autonomous driving

 How to achieve large-scale updates of high-precision maps at low cost to meet the needs of autonomous driving

 Discuss the formulation of data map format standards that can completely cover my country's complex and changeable traffic environment, road characteristics and traffic regulations

 Explore the important direction of the next stage of positioning technology evolution

 Discussion on the possibility and method for OEM to verify the reliability of map data

 Discuss OEM's business model innovation for consumers to cope with the cost challenge brought by the adoption of high-precision maps

 Evaluate low-cost solutions for reliable lane-level positioning

 How to verify the reliability of existing fusion positioning nationwide, and then indirectly verify the reliability of high-precision map data

 Discuss whether the entire positioning system needs to meet the functional safety requirements of ISO 26262 and how to meet the requirements

 Positioning data has problems of multi-source fusion and long sensing paths. Explore and study how to ensure the expected functional safety

 Discuss how to use map information correctly, including: high-speed hand-off smart driving geofence information judgment, ACC, LKA function pre-deceleration, autonomous ramp and vehicle control, etc.

 Exciting debate, "The high-precision map of the lidar point cloud path is salted fish"?

 Discuss the challenges and solutions brought by the complexity of high-precision maps, including: how to accurately integrate semantic information, spatial information, and time information into high-precision maps

 Develop a new overall functional architecture to effectively process GB-level raw data and meet high-frequency map updates

 Discuss how to get through the link from offline (offline) to online (online), and timely update the changed road information to the autonomous vehicle

 Discuss the application challenges and countermeasures of high-precision map 3D raster map

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