Hello,Welcome toChina Autonomous Driving HD Map Technology Innovation Conference 2019!

Mr. Lang Xianpeng, the Director of Autonomous Driving of CHJ Automotive In

Release Date:2019-03-19

Recently, Mr. Lang Xianpeng, the Director of Autonomous Driving of CHJ Automotive has announced the Autonomous Driving developing parth of CHJ Automotive, the new start up internet automotive OEM in China . According to Mr. Lang Xianpeng, CHJ Automotive's developing parth is: Synchronizing the three-dimensional environment and learn human driving. The synchronous three-dimensional environment mainly refers to the data after processing using the data collected by the production car. Including: HD maps, scene models, driving examples, etc. In this HDMAP Confernece 2019 , you will have the opportunity to further exchange the developing ideas of autonomous driving and HD map with Mr. Lang, stay in tune with more news of HDMap 2019.

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