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Building Toyota's Automated Driving Stack

Release Date:2019-03-20

It is well known that Toyota is developing an open source autonomous driving HD map with the intention of grabbing 20 billion markets. Recently, Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development Corporation (TRI-AD) and CARMERA announced a joint effort to validate the concept of developing a camera-based high-precision (HD) map for urban roads and roads. A year ago, Toyota, a Japanese automaker, established a new company in the Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development (TRI-AD) in Tokyo to accelerate the development of cutting-edge technologies in the field of autonomous driving. This move has caused widespread concern in the industry.

The organizing committee of HDMAP 2019 is very pleased to successfully invite Mr. Mandali Khalesi, the Vice President of Automated Driving from Toyota Research Institute - Advanced Technology for you, to elaborate on the topic of " Building Toyota's Automated Driving Stack ". 

Register HDMap 2019 now to learn the latest development of HD Maps from Toyota Research Institute Advanced Development (TRI-AD); The latest development of perception from Toyota Motor Europe (TME); and the latest development of simulation from Toyota Research Institute (TRI)

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