Hello,Welcome toChina Autonomous Driving HD Map Technology Innovation Conference 2019!

Create HD Map for Self-Driving Vehicles in Japan and Beyond

Release Date:2019-03-20

The self-driving is the most advanced topic in the field of Intelligent Transportation System in recent years. Dr. Wentao Che, the Manager of GIS Technology, Sensing Business Development Department of Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd will introduce how they create the 3D HD Map for self-driving vehicles using Lidar and 360-degree cameras based on Mobile Mapping System (MMS) in Japan in the last three years. The contents will include how to prepare the HD Map Specification and how to define the data structure and data formats, how to create the tools to automate the data processing, and how to assure the quality of HD Map using the auto-processing tools, what the applications of HD Map and beyond will be in the near future. Donot miss out !  Register HDMap 2019 now to take this precious opportunity of learning Japan best practice of make 3D HD Map! 

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