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Application of Position and Orientation System in Autonomous Driving

Release Date:2019-04-19

The ground-based high-precision positioning and positioning system (PPOI-L) independently developed by Leador Spatial Information Corp. integrates professional-grade high-precision GNSS satellite positioning module and selects high-precision inertial measurement unit (IMU). The system has three-dimensional positioning, three-dimensional speed measurement and attitude and azimuth measurement capabilities, and has strong anti-interference ability. Through the self-developed LIONET (Leador INS/GPS Orientation and Navigation Enhanced. Technology) tightly coupled integrated navigation algorithm engine, it provides real-time, high-efficiency and high-precision positioning orientation and attitude measurement solution. The system is equipped with professional-grade GNSS inertial integrated navigation. Processing software that provides more accurate combined navigation solution data.

The PPOI-L Land-Based Positioning System is a high-precision position, heading and attitude measuring device developed for ground motion measurement. It can be integrated with CCD cameras, panoramic cameras, laser LIDAR, PTZ cameras, etc. to form high precision and high. Resolution mobile measurement system. The tight combination algorithm used in the product can solve the position and attitude of the carrier in real time. Even under the condition of GNSS signal loss or multipath interference, the mobile measurement system can ensure high-precision ground measurement in high-speed movement.

Mr. Huang Wei, General Manager of the Mobile Measurement Division of Leador Spatial Information Corp. will explain in detail the Application of Position and Orientation System in Autonomous Driving, and provide a stable and reliable high-precision positioning and positioning solution for automatic driving.

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