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Landing Application of eMapgo High-precision Map

Release Date:2019-07-21


Beijing, China, May 24, 2019—In the “China Automated Driving HD Map Technology  Innovation Conference”, Mr. Yang Wei, Vice President of eMapgo Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. participated in the conference and made a keynote speech. . With the theme of “high-precision landing application”, Mr. Yang has introduced the application of high-precision maps in detail from the aspects of high precision, high freshness, multi-dimensionality and scalability.




In the speech, Mr. Yang always stated that high-precision maps require centimeter-level high precision. Compared with traditional maps, lane-level road attributes are required. High-precision maps also need high freshness, and the update period of traditional navigation maps is high. Fine maps require a higher freshness. In advanced autonomous driving, the map is applied as a sensor of the vehicle, which involves auto-driving the sensing module in the entire module and also needs to participate in the decision-making module, so it needs very high freshness; a high-precision map needs a public based The update system of the package requires dynamic real-time release of environmental information, which is a very important aspect of high-precision maps. High-precision maps are multi-dimensional, multi-scenario applications and simulation applications that are not only used in autonomous driving, but also in smart transportation and smart cities. The high-precision map is scalable and can be connected to the IOT for intelligentization. It can adapt to all levels of autopilot applications, and can also implement some advanced functions in conjunction with the V2X system.



Followed by the company's practical case to introduce the application of high-precision map in smart city management, application in autonomous parking, application in simulation test and application in V2X.

Application in smart city management: For example, high-precision maps with high-precision positioning can identify vehicle road travel information, which is conducive to vehicle accidents and vehicle safety. For example, when the expressway passes through the toll booth, it can identify the car on the line through the high-precision map and high-precision positioning, combined with the toll booth system, automatically lift the pole and automatically charge to avoid road congestion.


Application in autonomous parking: In autonomous parking, users go to the mall and office building to work, get off the bus and find an empty parking space on the mobile app, then direct the car to automatically stop at the empty parking space, then go to work, come back through The app is calling the vehicle back. This requires a display layer to display empty parking spaces on the app, a second positioning layer to locate the empty parking spaces in the garage, and a third planning floor to plan a car lane path to allow the car to automatically stop at the parking space. A POI layer provides some exit information such as elevator openings, so that the recalled vehicle can go to the corresponding location.


Application in simulation test: Auto-driving requires high-precision simulation to achieve testing. A high-precision map can be used to construct a relatively real environment. The high-precision map is used to model the acquired texture information and join through software. Some dynamic factors such as dynamic vehicles, pedestrians, weather, and light and heat conditions are used to test some of the less common conditions. Only by simulating the system to test these are not very common conditions to ensure the safety of the automatic driving system.


In the V2X application, the lane and traffic signal information is obtained first, and the traffic light information of the front is obtained through the high-precision positioning and the lane-level high-precision map and transmitted to the vehicle through the V2X. In this way, when the car receives the status signal of the traffic light in the distance, it will judge that it is in that lane. Finally, it will show on the dashboard how much distance, how much time, and its current state, and finally reach the intersection at a reasonable speed. Make sure it is a green light and avoid waiting for a long time at the intersection.



Finally, Mr. Yang shared the experience and case of Yitutong's high-precision map cloud service, high-precision map production, and high-precision map update, which provided valuable information and rich experience for autonomous driving high-precision maps.


 eMapgo Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.(EMG), is a top three mapping company in China as it accounts for 25% of China OEM in-car navigation market share.  Founded in March 2004, EMG has obtained Class-A qualification certificates of navigable surveying and mapping, internet map service and geographic information system engineering. It has also obtained quality management system certificates of ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 and CMMI3. Its map database has covered mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao with over 8.5-million-kilometer road networks and 70 million POIs. As a neutral mapping company, EMG has established a variety of strategic partnerships with important companies in the value chain, such as ESRI, Huawei, Altran, Mapbox and Sogou etc. We believe that cooperation, openness and sharing are the right way to work out good solutions to better serve our customers in various areas.



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