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Combine HERE to Talk About Autonomous Driving Map

Release Date:2019-07-21


Beijing, China, May 23, 2019—Car navigation from HERE Technologies in the “China Automated Driving HD Map Technology Innovation Conference” organized by GRCC. Ms. Chen Yan, the Product Manager of HERE China participated in the conference and delivered a keynote speech. Ms. Chen explained the Autonomous Driving Map in detail for the guests through the HERE open location cloud platform,





Because HERE Technologies has a special historical position in the map industry, we can learn more about the history of electronic maps and high-precision maps through the history of HERE Technologies. First, Mr. Chen has made everyone's self-driving platform through the history of HERE Technologies. Let's take a look at the process of autonomous driving, how to go through the new era of automatic driving through high-precision maps.


In 1994, HERE Technologies released the first electronic map for car navigation in cooperation with BMW. This is an era of the era, from the paper map era to the electronic map era. In 2004, HERE released the first The ADAS map lays a solid foundation for autonomous driving high-precision maps, and continues to release the first web map, mobile client map, thus reducing the distance of the whole world, making mobile travel more and more prosperous. By reviewing the history of the development of electronic maps, we have seen that not only the map industry and the automotive industry have received influence, but also changed people's lives.


       We are now living in an era of big data. The population is exploding. There are 7.6 billion people in the world, and there are 60 million car accidents every year. How to reduce these accidents, reduce the use of the environment, make the world smarter and the environment is more friendly. Autopilot is one of the most important cases. Through its open-location cloud platform, HERE Technologies provides developers with a solution to provide a location service usage scenario for big data.


HERE Technologies' open-location cloud platform reflects a real world through its own map capabilities and solutions from various industries, enabling people to read, let the machine understand, let the car understand, and use HERE's map location service capabilities. Software, algorithms, and machine learning are placed on the platform to provide developers with an open environment, data analysis environment, and trading environment to solve how to update a map in autonomous driving. How to update the efficiency of the update method to meet the needs of the depot and autopilot, including The fusion of sensors shares this puzzle. And to achieve a data sharing, provide a secure architecture to protect data security.



What kind of high-definition maps are needed for autonomous driving, and what attributes are needed. Autopilot requires a real-time updated map that can detect real-world changes, maps that can be maintained on its own, and maps of the HERE open-location cloud platform that incorporate industry capture and crowdsourcing models to ensure industry-accepted accuracy, safety and reliability. It also ensures the scale and freshness of crowdsourced data, and realizes a high-accuracy, real-time discovery of changes and environmental perception maps. In many places with over-the-horizon, where the sensor is invisible, it is very difficult for the car to realize its perception and judgment. At many complicated intersections, it is difficult to make decisions based on sensors, using high-precision maps as an enhancement. Sensors to help autopilot to achieve final road planning, making the map an enhanced sensor and deep learning sensor that helps autopilots make a decision and let the car make the right decision at the right time. At the meeting, Mr. Chen demonstrated the various practical cases of the HERE open location cloud platform for the guests, which provided valuable experience for our autonomous driving high-precision map learning and provided the development direction for the industry.





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“China Automated Driving HD Map Technology Innovation Conference  (HDMAP2019)”






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