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GoWithMi - Blockchain-driven map crowdsourcing

Release Date:2019-07-21


 “China Autonomous Driving HD Map Technology Innovation Conference” hosted by GRCC. and endorsored by the Asia Pacific Connected Vehicles Industry Association has been successfully held in Beijing on the May 23-24, 2019. At the conference, Mr. Li Dong, the founder and general manager of GoWithMi (Gao Wei Earth), made a keynote presentation under the theme of “Blockchain-driven map crowdsourcing + new model” and combined the practice of GoWithMi.



At the conference, General Manager Li Dong combined with GoWithMi (Gaowei Earth) goal: to promote global users to create a real-time high-precision map, to explain how to block the crowd-source HD map solution based on blockchain to encourage global users to establish real-time high precision map. At the beginning, Mr. Li expressed his opinion on the high-precision map: firstly, real-time/full coverage is more important in real-time/full coverage in Gaojingdu, and secondly in economic systems and technical solutions, the economic system is more important. Ecosystem providers are more important in ecosystem providers and data providers. Through three sets of comparisons, they provide a full development direction.



Through the three aspects of productivity, production relations and means of production, human beings have fully interpreted the era of human civilization that has become unstoppable. In line with the development trend, human beings have entered the era of algorithms. They believe that algorithms are laws, violence that transcends everything, and is the cornerstone of civilization. People's trust is relatively low, and the principle can be broken. However, the trust of the machine algorithm is relatively high. Based on the blockchain economic system of the distributed platform, everyone will participate and strengthen the trust mechanism. And I shared the GoWithMi (end-to-end distributed mapping solution).



In end-to-end decentralized reconstruction, GoWithMi (high-dimensional earth) passes the crowdsourcing mode at the data layer and uses a symmetric management mechanism to verify the quality of the crowdsourcing model. The data service layer is solved by distributed services, and the blockchain does not depend on any communication side scheme.



A map data generation system based on spatial consensus in the consensus map production process; all production is distributed and automated, and all data is verifiable; global coverage, low cost, and instant updates are considered. To create a high-precision map with a decentralized blockchain + a centralized map, everyone is providing services and everyone is enjoying the service.


The last blockchain is how to connect with reality. GoWithMi (Gaowei Earth) shows you its own solutions: 1 Decentralized LBS, which can dispatch people and objects in reality through smart contracts, 2 Superspace language sets, through Smart contracts can safely capture real-world scheduling results. These issues are addressed through a set of processes. Mr. Li's wonderful explanation and GoWithMi (Gaowei Earth) solutions provide the driving force and direction for the development of the high-precision map industry.


GoWithMi is the world's first complete decentralized location service infrastructure designed to provide a full range of trusted space value exchange services from the data side, computing side, personal end to the ecosystem side for large-scale commercial use, giving value The flow is more dimensional, safer, smarter, and the blockchain is applied to the last key link missing from the real economy. The spatial consensus value ecological network of GoWithMi (high-dimensional earth) is composed of spatial consensus data source production, spatial computing power network, space asset self-organization and commercial application support platform. It integrates decentralized location service, super space prediction machine and consensus map. Integrated, based on algorithmic consensus to motivate everyone to participate, to benefit everyone, cross-chain support for all blockchain platforms, one-stop support for all applications that transfer location services, so that offline business step into the new era of programmable business, step into In the future, Turing has a complete chain and a self-circulating business ecosystem under the chain.


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