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Speaker: Wentao Che, Ph.D, Manager of GIS Technology, Sensing Business Development Department, Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd

Bio: Dr. Wentao Che completed his Bachelor of Geography in 1984 and Master of Environmental Sciences in 1987 at the Beijing Normal University. He pursued his Doctor's Degree in 1997 at the Osaka Prefecture University. He has more than 35 years of experience in the field of GIS Science and Technology development. He has developed many tools for autonomously processing data from LiDAR, Photogrammetry, all-round camera, Remote Sensing, and other sensors based on Arc/Info and ArcGIS technology in the last 25 years. He recently focuses on HD Map creation for autonomous driving by the Mobile Mapping System (MMS) equipped with all-round cameras and LiDAR in Japan. He has been teaching GIS Science and Technology in Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Peru, and Ethiopia as an expert of Japan International Cooperation Agency since 1999.

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