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Speaker: Miao Wang, Director of Product, Intelligent Map BU, NavInfo Co., Ltd.

Bio: Graduated from Tongji University, with more than ten years of experience in navigation and electronic map industry research and development and product design. As the new technical backbone of NavInfo, the Automated Driving Maps product and technical team has mastered the complete product capability solution from data acquisition, automated mapping to crowdsourcing updates and fast iteration of autopilot maps. Product standards compatible with high-speed and ordinary road scenes, centimeter-level data accuracy, multi-dimensional MMS data update technology, and real-time online data distribution services make NavInfo's new autonomous driving maps a real-time, highly reliable sensor. 

In early 2019, it signed an autopilot map and related service license agreement with BMW to provide autopilot map products and services for L3 and above autopilot systems for its new platform for mass production in China. Daily and team-in-depth development of automatic driving map technology, promote product compliance, standardization and commercialization, work together with customers and industry partners to build a data ecosystem, and to automate the development of high-quality and reliable products and services.

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