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Stanley Wing -fai NG is a smart city expert and licensed town planner with focus in intelligent transport, navigation, mapping and town planning. He is the CEO/ Founder of MapKing International (“MapKing” and “MapAsia” brands), a leading expert firm with offices in major cities in Asia. MapKing is serving several world top companies and major transportation companies in Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. It's “Live Public Transit Alert Estimation Application” was awarded Best Smart Hong Kong (Public Sector Information Application) Bronze Award in 2016.  “MapKing Connection Navigation’ won the Bronze Award, Best Mobile Apps Award (Mobile Infotainment), Hong Kong ICT Awards 2013 and several other awards. MapKing was Featured “No.1 Must Have” at Google Play, Hong Kong store in April, 2014. Stanley is appointed some public services in Hong Kong and he is Chief Executive Election Committee member of Hong Kong. He is also the chainman of Asia Pacific Connected Vehicles Industry Association.

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