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Presentation Title: Global Flight Tracking with ADSB Technology (including space-based) through FlightAware and Aireon



Current flight tracking uses different technologies and systems to assemble aircraft movement data and they come with several limitations.  Primary and secondary radars, land-based ADS-B and Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) are confined to line-of-sight surveillance in densely populated areas. Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Contract (ADS-C) also has limited utility due to incomplete aircraft equipage and infrequent position update rates.  


With Global Space-Based ADS-B tracking, there will be complete and seamless tracking of aircraft movements across the entire globe including over polar, oceans and remote regions.  Through a combination of data from Aireon’s space-based ADS-B aircraft surveillance network (due to be operational by 2018) with FlightAware’s flight tracking web interface and  worldwide flight tracking data, airlines will be instantly equipped to meet or exceed GADSS requirements and recommendations with no new avionics required. 

Presenter: Theng Hui, Low 刘庭辉

Organization: FlightAware

Position: Director, Asia Pacific亚太区总监



Theng Hui庭辉 is the Director of Asia Pacific for FlightAware, the world’s leading provider of flight tracking data and services.  He is responsible for the development and growth of FlightAware’s business and operational activities across the entire region and works closely with the departments of flight operations, dispatch, engineering, safety and standards of Airlines, Civil Aviation Regulators and Air Navigation Service Providers of the various countries.  


Theng Hui brings extensive regional experience from aviation data and data analytics, aviation operations, air cargo logistics and airport ground-handling and has held leadership roles in sales, business development and operations in Asia Pacific.  Prior to joining FlightAware, Theng Hui was the Regional Sales Director of OAG, the leading global provider of digital flight information.

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