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Real-time Aircraft Telemetry for Flight Location, Data Recovery and Cost-Optimised Operations

PresenterHannes S. Griebel, Ph.D


Position: Aviation Product Manager



Hannes graduated from the University of the Federal Armed Forces of Germany in Munich with a Ph.D in astronautics, focusing on space mission design and analysis. Working initially as programme manager and chief engineer in an international planetary probe development programme, Hannes led a team of 40 members from 7 countries from scientific research to technology development and rigorous ground and space-flight testing. After having worked for the European Space Agency on Mars Express flight operations,  Hannes turned his attention to space-based solutions for aviation safety and operational efficiency. He joined Thales Air Traffic Management and later Thales Alenia Space Germany as Head of Strategy and Business Development, focussing on space-based air traffic surveillance, real-time multi-cast push-to-talk voice communication solutions and space robotics.

In August 2016, Hannes joined Inmarsat as a product manager for Aviation Safety and Operational Services. His major areas of interest are air accident investigations and technologies for accident prevention and efficiency improvement. These include aircraft tracking, advanced surveillance, real-time telemetry, secure cockpit IP communication and precision navigation.

Presentation Abstract:

Inmarsat has been providing safety services for maritime and aviation for over 30 years, saving thousands of lives at sea and helping airlines save billions of dollars in operating expenses.

In the spirit of this heritage, Inmarsat has been leveraging its experience with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) to develop the next generation of solutions for aviation safety and operational services. Based upon its proprietary, secure and safety-of-life certified network capabilities, Inmarsat and its partners are actively developing the capability for cost-effective real-time telemetry to be streamed from aircraft while in flight. This means GADSS compliant aircraft location and flight data in real time, along with a highly customisable set of additional data available whenever and wherever the aircraft operator needs it. Within Inmarsat’s secure and proprietary network, the data is as safe as within a physical black box, yet available for value added real-time analysis whenever an operator needs it.

In addition to satisfying the upcoming flight location and timely recovery of flight data requirements, the service will enable real-time assistance to aircraft in distress. Powerful data analytics and ground-based engineers are available to assist a flight crew with assessing the situation and isolating a fault while the crew can devote their full and undivided attention to the most important activity: flying the plane and landing it safely.

Early detection of faults and performance degradation can also help to significantly reduce the number of unnecessary and costly diversions, unscheduled layovers and unscheduled maintenance, directly improving passenger convenience and scheduling performance, and the operator’s bottom line.

To create a highly affordable and modular solution that can be adapted to nearly any type of commercial aircraft, Inmarsat has teamed up with major QAR, DFDR, DFDAU and AID manufacturers. That way, Inmarsat and its partners will be able to offer a compact and powerful tool to leverage the value of their flight data, improve safety, reduce cost and maintain compliance with the latest standards. Compatible with Inmarsat terminals from all manufacturers, the solution will allow bespoke retrofit and forward fit installs to comply with the widest range of requirements and constraints. Relevant flight trials are scheduled to begin before the end of 2017 to demonstrate the feasibility, validity and performance of the proposed solution.

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