Hello,Welcome toAutonomous Driving HD Map Technology Innovation Conference 2021!
About HDMAP Conference

“China Autonomous Driving HD Live Map Innovation Conference  (HDMAP)”

 is an annual industry event to gather experts from academia, industry, 

 and government to advance theories, methods, systems, and applications

 related to HD Map for autonomous driving. HDMAP2019 will be held on 

 the 23rd - 24th May. in Shanghai China.

HDMAP 2019 invites original contributions on all topics related to 

 HD Map for autonomous driving, including, but not limited to:

•  Autonomous Driving and Spatial Cognition 

•  Development of Global Standard for HD Maps

•  Automated Driving and Positioning Solution

•  Application of High Definition Positioning in Automobiles

•  Self- healing HD Map

•  How to Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Revolutionize 

   the Map Making Process

•  Lidar Accuracy and Automation 

•  Fusion of Lidar Application and Map Image

•  Calculation and Recognition Processing of Large Data Volume

•  Verify the Correctness of Updated Data on Large Scale

•  Quantitative Assessment of the Requirements and Impact of HD Maps

   on Functions

•  Fully Automated Mapping

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