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Event Background

Dear Colleagues:


According to Goldman Sachs' prediction on the global market of HD maps, it is expected that the HD map industry will usher in a golden development period in the next fifteen years. By 2020, the HD map market will be 2.1 billion US dollars, and 2025 will reach 9.4 billion US dollars. Also based on the research of McKinsey, China is likely to become the world's largest autonomous driving vehicle market in the future. By 2030, autonomous driving related new car sales and mobility services will generate more than $500 billion in revenue, and market participants who have the most detailed and wide coverage HD maps can be worth billions of dollars.


The China HD map industry is now in its infancy, key players are competing fiercely at the same time they are facing significant challenges including regulations constrictions, lacking of data standards, uncertainty of technical route, high requirement of HD maps quality, lacking of sustainable and profitable business models, etc. To solve those serious problems the industry requires frequent interactions to find solutions.


Under that background “China HD Live Map Development Innovation Conference 2019 ” will be held on the 23-24 May 2019 in Shanghai. This event will invite 200+ senior decision makers from worldwide leading map providers, start-ups, autonomous driving chip vendors, Tier 1 suppliers, automakers and mobility service firms to gather together address the major industry critical topics including Commercial development of China HD Map, technical route, Pure vision scheme vs. laser radar; How to leverage AI and Machine Learning

Into mapping; Developing prospects of fully automated mapping and Dynamic map mapping; Quantitative evaluation of the requirements and impacts of HD maps on functions; Where HD maps fit into the autonomous driving ecosystem, HD maps adoption, and threats to automotive navigation players by geospatial companies; Effective strategies for simultaneous localization and map change update for the HD Map-Based Autonomous Driving Car etc.


“China HD Live Map Development Innovation Conference 2019 ” will provide you with a precious platform to learn about key growth opportunities in the marketplace; discover how technology companies are developing solutions for autonomous cars, leading to investments in the mapping market; and build up sustainable and profitable business partnership.


The organizing committee is looking forward to meet you in Shanghai!


Best Regards

Thomas Lu

General Manger, Automotive BU


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