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Speaker: Xianpeng Lang, Director of Autonomous Driving, CHJ Automotive

Bio: Xianpeng received his doctoral degree of pattern recognition and intelligent machine in Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2010. After working as computer vision technical leader in Founder Group for three years, Xianpeng joined Baidu in April 2013. Here he built and supervised an AI R&D team for Baidu Map department. Xianpeng and his team were in charge of several key products and projects, such as Baidu Streetview, Baidu HD map, Level 3 autonomous driving, etc., which fully demonstrated his expertise and capabilities of AI technology. Early in 2017, Baidu set up the intelligent driving group (IDG), Xianpeng worked as senior technical manager and later principle architect in intelligent vehicle business unit (IVBU). In January 2018, left behind 20+ invention patents and a matured engineer team in Baidu, Xianpeng start his new adventure in CHJ automotive as director of autonomous driving. Now he is focus on autonomous driving solution for commercial application.

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